Odds & sods and such, as long as it is to do with some kind of unix......
Open Build service: here you can find packages for all linux distro's (rpm based or deb based)
and even build your own packages (debian, rhel, fedora,suse,opensuse,mandriva,archlinux, ubuntu....)
 / distro..... go here: OBS, the openSuSE build server

Issue: A linux system cannot mount a NFS share from AIX:

use vers=3 option

mount -o vers=3 <AIX-servername:/mountname>  </mountpoint>

Finally found a Android multimedia upnp/dlna client that works seamless with at least PMS (PS3 media server) and Twonky (e.g. Western Digital Live book NAS/multimedia server has Twonky):
- video, music AND pictures....... 

it is called BubbleUpnp  

link on Google play
Scanning with your canon multifunction printer/scanner : this works for MG53xx and perhaps others.....
Printing with you canon multifunction MG series printer: I didnt try these, but it's Canon originals.....
download MG  drivers
Printing on Linux.... can be a hassle.  If CUPS does not have a driver for your printer, you might consider spend some money on stuff that works:  try this Turboprint for linux.
Comes in tar, rpm (suse/fedora etc) , and debian (ubuntu, debian etc) packages

It detected my canon mg5350 on the wifi network and had me up and running in less than 5 minutes.
Trial time is a month, full function.


Linux as your desktop...

PLUG is a linux application which does (basically) what Fender's FUSE does on windows / Mac. It
looks a lot less fancy, though, but does not try to eat all your cpu.......
It manages the profiles of your Fender guitar amplifier, model Mustang I/II/III/IV/V

This one is compiled on 2.6.32, openSuSE 11.4, should also work on a reasonably recent Ubuntu/Fedora etc....
You do not need this software for recording directly from your Fender amplifier's USB connection:
to do that,  just plug in the USB cable, configure the new USB sound device and you are set to go.
PLUG for linux repository

PLUG binary

PLUG's homepage
JBOSS on SLES/OpenSuSE appliance   ready to configure / load your Java(tm) J2E apps and run !
Get an account on SuSEstudio and   download here SLES and here OpenSuSE (soon come)

22 october 2010:

Oracle's brand new Linux...... admire the Red Hat nash version uh, Oracle UL boot screen, it is a little revealing.......
Staying compabitle with redhat should not prove too difficult this way........
Kernel is, approx end 2007 - begin 2008

red hat nash starting....... back to