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Attention: all the planes, landscapes etc you see here are targetware 0.64 and this game is unfortunately no longer online playable. A single player usable mode is not available, so in fact there is no longer any playable targetware game anymore since april 2009. Furthermore, the linux version does not work anymore, due to ageing library usage that are no longer available.

The new alpha state version 2 is not a game, it is in alpha state and has no usable function so far.

It does not look like Targetware is ever going to be usable / playable again, unfortunately, progress is nill or close to that. These pages are there for reference to what once was a promising sim environment......

screenshots on WW I

screenshots WW II other mods will be here.....


ran on

-         Windows
-         Linux
-       MacOS
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Targetware was a new online flight simulation environment, that by  had many 'mods' covering various historical periods. They were all playable.
Targetware itself was an engine, the "mod" determined what your flight sim looked like, what planes there are, the terrain and so on.

Below some screenshots from the mod's to give you an idea of the quality. Their websites are now defunct.

Richthofen's Skies


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Target Tobrouk


Target Rabaul WW II

Target Korea