Tools & Stuff for the Mechs and Mods

Here you will find some tools and information if you are fooling around with paint / models / patches and .


Landmark Editor Plus
Add, Move, delete and change landmarks at will in any of the 5 RB maps
Landmark Editor Plus has GUI interface that makes map editing a breeze.
Maps derived from the ted file editor needed for Landmark Editor Plus.

Visual Damage editor
Visually resize the hitboxes, use flat snapshots from e.g. Anim8tor to adjust them to the real model as seen in game...
Palmapper, a utility that allows you to do many bmp's in one go... uses palmap.exe, included with Red Baron (Paint folder)  ( Sierra inc.)

To extract and build your own Vol Files

- Extract or list files from the vol files, 
- Build your own vol files (even RBSHELL.vol / RB.vol can be rebuilt now).   
- Decompressing is no longer a problem.
NB! rb.vol / rbshell.vol contain compressed files in a proprietary Sierra format. 

<>    Program to build your own vol files, extract files from RB vol files........

Snapdat is a universal text-mode browser / editor for (most) RB dat files.  It can also save the data to Excel CSV format for easier inspection.  The data scrolls in a text mode window now!